Thursday, December 02, 2010

Drinks, it's all about drinks!

I love cola, and that love is forever never ending. But I also like to do other kind of mixes, so I don't habitually just drink only one think. So here is some, I've done at home and proven them to be fine. Actually, I had multiple people trying them, and no one haven't complained about them.

You can drink these on their own, without alcohol or try it with the specific alcohol I have mentioned in brackets. Either way, enjoy.

The glass size on these are 3,3 dl

Strawberry Cola
2 dl Cola
0,5 dl Strawberry Juice
(2 cl Strawberry Liquer)

Cranberry Cola
1,5 dl Cola
1 dl Cranberry Juice
(2 cl Bacardi Razz)

Pear Cola
2 dl Cola
0,5 dl Pear Juice
(1 cl Bacardi)

1 dl Berry Juice
1 dl Sprite
0,5 dl Orange juice or Fanta
(1 cl Vodka)

Throw in ice - then berry juice, and spill sprite with using a spoon on top, and then the orange juice/fanta. You should get it layered that way.


Strawberry Punch
1,5 l 7 up or Sprite
1,5 l Soda water
1 l strawberry Juice
fresh sliced strawberries

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